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Blog Post
How to Setup the SuperPhone Voice Greeting
Published by SuperPhone
on February 18, 2020


When someone calls you, SuperPhone will play a voice greeting instead of sending them to voicemail. Configure your voice greeting by clicking here.

Audio Format

Currently SuperPhone only accepts voice greetings in .mp3 format. Record a voice note on your mobile device and use either iTunes or a site like this one to convert the file into .mp3 format before uploading.

Default Message

Until you set your personalized voice greeting, a default spoken message in a will say: “Thank you for calling. Please don’t leave a message, just send a text.”

What Should I Say?

Keep in mind that voicemail is disabled on all SuperPhone lines. All calls will hang up after your voice greeting is played. Make sure to explicitly direct your callers to send you a text. SuperPhone will then do the work of capturing their contact info.

Example Voice Greeting

“Hey, it’s Ryan. I’m not around at the moment but it’s best to send me a text and I’ll get right back to you.”