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Blog Post
Smart Auto-Responses in SuperPhone
Published by SuperPhone
on February 18, 2020


SuperPhone automates the interaction with your network via smart auto-responses. Each person who sends you a text will receive this message sequence only once. There’s a human-emulated delay on the responses to give a more personal feel. You can configure your smart auto-responses here.

First Contact Auto-Response

When someone texts you for the first time, SuperPhone will wait 2 minutes and then automatically send them your vCard along with a special link so they can share their contact information. Their number will be pre-filled on the form. You may edit or change this message at any time to personalize the request for contact information.

“Yoooo  –  I don’t have your contact info in my phone. Hit this link and add your details:

Dynamic SuperPhone Shortlinks

SuperPhone will automatically create a special link for each contact to a form that has their phone number pre-filled.

Note: We strongly urge you to leave auto-response url’s in their original format. Editing them may lead to form errors.

Contact Info Reminder

If the new contact does not complete the form after 30 mins, SuperPhone will automatically remind them for details again.

“Hey I never got your contact, it only takes a minute:

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Form Submission Auto-Response

When the user completes your contact form, SuperPhone will instantly send a message.

“Thanks  –  got you locked. Save my info and hit me anytime. -Ryan (”

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New Assigned Number

When a new number is assigned to a user, SuperPhone will instantly send this message.

“This is the SuperPhone team. Use this number for us  –  it’s better than the public one. Still need your info, add yourself here:

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Disabling Auto-Responses

Though you may choose to disable any of the first three default auto-responses, our usage reports indicate that 9 out of 10 people will eventually add themselves after receiving these messages.

Note: The ‘New Assigned Number’ auto-response is mandatory and may never be disabled.