Elevate Life Church Relies on SuperPhone to Scale Humanity with Technology

Elevate Life Church needed a platform to handle mass communications, at scale, with its leaders, congregation, and outreach ministries.

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Elevate Life Church needed a platform to handle mass communications, at scale, with its leaders, congregation and outreach ministries.

  1. Email isn’t personal at scale
  2. Most people don’t read it (or even see it.)
  3. Twilio is great but requires developers or technical expertise.


SuperPhone® gives faith-based organizations a beautiful mobile platform to engage and manage relationships on text.

Enhance Mobile Communication

Elevate Life Church relies heavily on the mobile app for on the go usage when out of the office or running offsite activations.

Elevate Life Church was having issues with 1-800 numbers from their previous text provider and quickly realized the effects it had on their engagement.

Scalable / More Personal Communication

In the past, messages would go out via a 1-800 number and would look like spam. Now they have a local 903 Florida number and receive higher engagement.

Faster Updates

Elevate Life Church Relies on SuperPhone® to Scale Humanity with Technology

Elevate Life Church last solution would take 2+hrs to broadcast to a large audience so 8p messages would need to be scheduled at 6p.

Features Used

Voice Feature

The team has a work-line without the need of a second phone. Voice enables their staff to make and receive calls to and from members of the congregation.

Update Feature

Updates allow ELC to broadcast and inform their congregation about events & RSVP’s, donation opportunities, personal 1-to-1 check-ins and automated happy birthday messages.

Consistent Text Number

A consistent local Floridian number meant more engagement for ELC. Their previous mobile provider used a “1-800” randomized phone numbers. This user experience felt like spam which contributed to larger opt-outs.

Communication Funnel

  • Elevate Life Church leverages its live and digital events to recruit qualified leads, therefore successfully obtaining more SuperPhone® subscribers than social followers. This system has allowed them to interact personally with their users instead of relying on social algorithms or low email conversions.

  • SuperPhone® integrates with Planning Center via Zapier to organize and manage their audience between three church locations.

  • As members of the church and new prospects attend events, they check-in virtually or in venue. Contacts are then tagged, synced and imported to their respective rep’s SuperPhone® account via Zapier.

Serving the Community

Elevate Life Church runs Correctional Facility Ministry sessions at local jails in Florida. Inmates have the ability to contact them via text or call when they are released for support.

Inmates have access to pre-recorded ministry sessions and this is how Elevate Life Church builds a community and builds trust with them.

“We literally use SuperPhone® for everything and pretty much use it as a work line for our large team.”

Joyce Ormeo
Connections Director of Elevate Life Church

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