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Case Study
How Producergrind Uses SMS Marketing To Boost Their Shopify Sales
1-10 Employees
E-Commerce & Content Creators
Atlanta, GA
Customer Since
Subscriber Growth (2020)
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Started in 2014, by a small group of friends from Atlanta, GA, Producergrind was started as a site for music creators to learn and gain digital resources to help them create beats. Since then, Producergrind has grown from a fledgling beats website to a full-fledged media and ecommerce brand. While their website boasts everything from a blog to selling merch, sound packs, and free kits, they have also successfully expanded their empire into other areas as well. Today, they are well known for hosting live educational and networking events for producers all over the country and a weekly internet podcast that has interviewed the likes of Zaytoven, Sonny Digital, Ryan Leslie, and more. From a YouTube channel that has over 100K subscribers to over 200K followers on Instagram, Producergrind has built a loyal following to cement themselves as the #1 resource for music creators.

With a large audience that spans multiple social networks and podcast listening services, the Producergrind team was looking for a way to consolidate their fanbase onto a single channel of communication. Choosing the wrong channel of communication can cause even the most enticing messages to fall on deaf ears. With text, the Producergrind team is able to cut through the noise and contact their audience directly. With an already booming Shopify store, they were able to take advantage of SuperPhone’s Shopify integration to import previous customers over to their contact list. New customers are also constantly added to their phonebook via their free beat pack promotion. By attracting customers with the enticing offer of a free beat pack, they are able to retarget them later as they must leave their number to claim this offer. This allowed them to take advantage of their current subscriber list and interested customers instead of building a new one from scratch. Now anyone who makes a purchase is automatically added to their phone and can be retargeted at any time.
With a brand that spans multiple channels, keeping your audience in the loop is key. Once a contact has been imported over from Shopify, retargeting them is a breeze. The Producergrind team frequently sends out updates to inform them of recent product drops, events, or new podcast episodes. This has led to a growth of over 103K subscribers in the last year. Most of this growth is directly attributed to their free beat pack promotion funnel. This has allowed them to successfully convert many subscribers into paying customers. With a loyal fan base and strong communication channels, Producergrind shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.