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Case Study
How Strength of Seduction Scaled to $100K+ in 6 Months With Text Message Marketing
1-10 Employees
Los Angeles, CA
Customer Since
Subscriber Growth (2020)
Response Rate
Click-Through Rate
Features Used
Updates 🔘 Keyword Auto-Responders 🔘 E-Commerce Integration 🔘 Automations 🔘 Form Data Capture 🔘 Voicemail


As the Founder & CEO of Strength of Seduction, Daniel DiPiazza has years of experience in the entrepreneurial space. From humble beginnings, he has gone onto launch several successful businesses and become a New York Times best selling author. These ventures have lead him to be featured in Forbes, Fortune Inc., and Time Magazine for his work. With Strength of Seduction, he sought to build a fun and sexy home workout for couples to build intimacy, burn calories and get fit with their partner. By offering their fitness program via DVD and streaming, couples are able to bypass the gym membership and workout from the comfort of their own home.

Scaling a Business During a Global Pandemic

Scaling a business during a global pandemic may seem like a daunting task for most, but not for Daniel DiPiazza. With SuperPhone, Daniel and his team were able to use text message marketing to grow their subscriber list to over 12,000 subscribers strong. By promoting their number on their website, potential customers were able to text in to receive support and other promotional updates. Taking advantage of SuperPhone’s Zapier and Shopify integrations allowed Daniel and his team to seamlessly integrate text into their marketing stack. While Covid-19 may have slowed down other businesses, Strength of Seduction was able to remain in constant contact with their customers. They saw their response rate increase by 36% through SMS, far outperforming email. In just 6 months, Strength of Seduction was able to scale to over $100K by reaching their customers in their most direct channel of communication.

“You want to control your marketing, your message, and your money. SuperPhone is a huge asset in all three.”
Integrate your Shopify store
Integrate with your Shopify e-commerce store seamlessly to use SuperPhone as the single source of truth between your customers and products. Broadcast product links and communicate 1-to-1 or 1-to-many, driving engagement to merchandise sales. Features such as abandoned cart text messages allow for higher conversions and fewer lost carts. When synced, all prior customer data and transaction history from Shopify will be imported giving transparency on your top customers.
Get familiar with your filters
Choose and combine over 52+ filters, including geo-targeting, product purchases, revenue generated, and customer tagging to reach your target audience. Segment conversations and contacts based on predefined smart segments. Shopify expands filtering and creates endless contact filtering possibilities with multivariable segmentation.your top customers.
Setup your automations
Scheduled messaging and keyword triggers allow your phone to work for you so you don’t have to. SuperPhone automates the interaction with your subscribers via smart auto-responses based on customer and store activity. Available triggers include new purchases, order delivered, order fulfilled, and abandoned cart texts.
Send out your first update
Send time sensitive broadcasts with response management keeping your subscribers updated on promotions, sales, new products, and releases. SuperPhone supports MMS allowing the delivery of video content, images, and other marketing materials. Advanced analytics are tracked on each update displaying messages delivered, click-through rates, plus the ability to segment which subscribers interacted with your broadcast verses those who did not.