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Case Study
Strength of Seduction scaled from a $100 to $100k+ business in 6 months during COVID-19
1-10 Employees
Los Angeles, CA
Customer Since
Subscriber Growth
Response Rate
Click-Through Rate
Features Used
Updates 🔘 Keyword Auto-Responders 🔘 E-Commerce Integration 🔘 Automations 🔘 Form Data Capture 🔘 Voicemail


Strength of Seduction is a fitness program for couples available via DVD or digital download. The brand provides their clients a new way to interact and learn from one another through the world of wellness and health.

Launching a Business and Overcoming Connectivity during a Global Pandemic

Strength of Seduction experienced an explosion of growth immediately following its launch. They experienced a 0 to 12,000+ subscriber growth rate from January to June 2020, and a 36% increase in response rate to its SMS updates. Despite the disruption of COVID-19. Daniel, Strength of Seduction CEO, was aware that 98% of text messages are read within the first 3 minutes of it being received. This allowed the brand to scale from a $150 business to a $120,000+ business in just 6 months, greatly due to the ability to offer 1-to-1 customer support.

Using SuperPhone to Stay Connected—and More

Strength of Seduction continues to scale its business with SMS as a major priority of their business.

“You want to control your marketing, your message, and your money. SuperPhone is a huge asset in all three.”
Integrate your Shopify Store.
Integrate your Shopify e-commerce store seamlessly using SuperPhone. SuperPhone serves as your source of truth between your customers and products. Broadcast product links and communicate 1-to-1 or 1-to-many driving engagement to merchandise sales. When synced, all prior customer data and transaction history from Shopify will be imported giving transparency on your top customers.
Get familiar with your filters.
Choose and combine over 52+ filters, including geo-targeting, product purchases, revenue generated, and customer tagging to reach your target audience. Segment conversations and contacts based on predefined smart segments. Shopify expands filtering and creates endless contact filtering possibilities with multivariable segmentation.your top customers.
Setup your automations.
Scheduled messaging and keyword triggers allow your phone to work for you so you don’t have to! SuperPhone automates the interaction with your subscribers via smart auto-responses based on customer and store activity. Trigger messages for cart abandonment, new purchases, orders delivered, and more!
Send out your first update.
Send time sensitive broadcasts with response management keeping your subscribers updated on promotions, sales, new products, and releases. SuperPhone supports MMS allowing the delivery of video content, images and other marketing materials. Advanced analytics are tracked on each update displaying messages delivered, click-through rates, plus the ability to segment which subscribers interacted with your broadcast verses those who did not.