We believe that better relationships = better lives.

SuperPhone is the leading PRM (Personal Relationship  Management) utility from Disruptive Multimedia, picking up the pieces where social media fails.

Who are your most important relationships with?

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Your fans

As an artist or influencer, your fans are your lifeblood. This is your passionate community who allow you to do what you do. 

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your supporters

We're all entrepreneurs now, which means your network is your net worth. It's your supporters who will get you to that next level. 


your friends

The goal of every interaction with a fan or supporter is to make them a friend. Make sure you're building deeper relationships every step of your journey.

Turn Anonymous Social Followers Into Real People

SuperPhone allows you to "own your audience" by having precision data on each of your social media followers. Have a direct connection with every fan, so next time you have something to say, you can reach them through a text message. Leverage social networks, don't rely on them. 

The SuperPhone Dashboard 

Unparalleled insights into your network

Are you an entrepreneur raising money? A designer looking for your next gig? SuperPhone allows you to have detailed information about everyone in your network and insight into your interaction with them. "Professional" emails are over rated. Real relationships are built through personal, mobile messaging.

You're the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

Who are your 5?

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Welcome to the Future 

We give you a brand new SuperPhone number to connect with fans and friends alike. You can manage this number through our web or mobile app. We allow you to interact one to one or one to many with smart auto-responses, precise segmentation, and the ability to understand where the value is in your network and how to unlock it.


Easily connect with your best friend or one thousand of your closest fans, all at once. Auto-responses and smart segmentation allow you to deliver the right message at the right time.

the new phonebook

Have unparalleled insights into your network. Who's in your world, what do they do, how can they add value? Understanding how many designers or venture capitalists you know is just a click away.


Sell directly to your community through SMS. Whether you're offering an album or a networking event, welcome to one-click commerce for text messaging. 

actionable insights

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How many fans do you have in New York? Who in your network are you talking to the most? We take the guessing game out of any questions you might have about your fan base and network.

A Few of Our Clients

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Ryan Leslie
Entrepreneur, New York


Super Duper Kyle
Artist, Ventura


Nipsey Hussle
Artist, Los Angeles


Lil Wayne
Artist, New Orleans


Artist, Las Vegas

+1 818-946-0244

Producer, New York