How to Build Your Text Message Subscriber List

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October 6, 2021

Building your subscriber list is the most important step of the SuperPhone onboarding process. Whether your audience resides on Tik-Tok, YouTube, or Instagram, converting them by telling them to text in is the best way to go. Along the way, you can also gather key information that can help you understand and better serve your audience. The real value of converting your audience over to text is it allows you to be in their most direct channel of communication. Whether you would like to broadcast a promotion, reminder, or just a friendly message – text cuts past the algorithms and excess advertising straight to your subscribers’ phones.

Social Media

With social media being the most widely used platform to build audiences, for many, it will be the best way to convert a large portion of their following over to text. Adding your number to a story, caption, bio, or post will allow for the greatest number of eyes to see it. To combat the complex social media algorithms, you may even have to implement all of the tactics listed to create a decent size subscriber list. Many businesses have had success converting their audience by attaching a promotion to texting their number. The added promotion works as an incentive for their audience to text in while allowing the business to gather more data and have a direct line of communication. Once converted, communication over text allows you to be back in complete control of your audience, leaving complexities of social media behind.

Add Capture Widgets to Your Website

Adding a phone capture widget to your website or a standalone site is another proven method of converting your audience to text. With SuperPhone’s prebuilt phone capture widget, collecting phone numbers via your site can be as easy as pasting a few lines of code. Once pasted, combine it with a clever call to action and let your phone do the rest. While websites are a great way to house all your content, keeping track of your audience can be much harder. Google Analytics and other website data trackers can show you traffic and IP addresses, but fail to uncover the vail on your visitors. By collecting numbers on your site, it allows each person the opportunity to be more than just another masked visitor. A call to action, such as offering exclusive content has shown to work well for our users in converting the audience via their website.

While your site may not get the traffic of your YouTube channel or Twitter page, creating a standalone website to capture phone numbers can be a better alternative than having your audience remember your number. Pages such as and have successfully converted over 25,000 people to our CEO’s text list. The advantage is that it is much easier to remember a URL than a 10-digit phone number. To learn more on how to build your own custom phone capture landing page, click here.

Next Steps

Once you have persuaded your audience to text in or leave their number, the hard part is over. With SuperPhone’s smart auto-responses, sit back and let your phone do the rest. If an unknown number texts in for the first time, it will greet them and gently ask for them to add their information to your phone. If 30 minutes have passed and they still have not provided their information, it can send them a reminder text. While automated texts can be a turnoff and feel like texting a robot, you must customize these responses to suit your style. In the end, these auto-responses should help you to scale your intent by initiating the first step in building a 1 to 1 relationship with your audience.

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