The SuperPhone
Standard Podcast

Welcome to "The SuperPhone Standard," the ultimate business podcast dedicated to exploring the world of SMS marketing.

This podcast is designed to be your go-to resource for unlocking the full potential of SuperPhone® to boost your business growth.

Jasmine Womack

In this episode, Published & Paid founder Jasmine Womack to discuss how she uses SuperPhone® in her coaching business to support her students and drive sales.

Good Part & Company

In this episode, Good Part & Company owner Quintel Harcum discusses how he uses SuperPhone® to capture customer data, provide exclusive member benefits to that list, and drive sales at his cafe.

Interview Connections

In this episode, founder & president Jessica Rhodes discusses how her agency is able to sell high ticket offers by generating leads through Facebook Ads and nurturing those leads with SuperPhone®.

Done Dissertation

In this episode, founder Dr. Ramon Goings and his wife, director of operations, Renee Goings share how SuperPhone® has played a critical role in marketing and operations for their dissertation coaching program to run smoothly.

Rocky Garza

In this episode, coach and speaker Rocky Garza discusses 'The Daily Rock' where Rocky sends daily text messages filled with encouragement, reminders, and thoughts to his SMS subscribers.

The Budgetnista

In this episode, financial coach Tiffany "The Budgetnista" Aliche talks about how she got "The Budgetnista" law (A1414) passed, how she's grown her finance brand, and how SuperPhone® fits into her "four-legged stool" tech stack to keep her audience engaged.

Ruby Fremon

In this episode, spiritual coach Ruby Fremon speaks about how she uses SuperPhone® to nurture organic connections with her audience.

Daniel DiPiazza

In this episode, human design life coach Daniel DiPiazza discusses his journey through SMS marketing and how he uses SuperPhone® in his tech stack to build his coaching business.

Billy McFarland

In this episode, experience planner Billy McFarland talks about his Fyre brand and how he uses SuperPhone® to drive engagement with his community.

Xavier Keyz

In this episode, artist & entrepreneur Xavier Keyz discusses his journey through SMS marketing and how he uses SuperPhone® to connect deeply with his fans.

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