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Broadcast Messaging

Engage your global customer base with a single click, delivering compelling calls to action, check-ins, or Updates.

Impactful Reach

Maximize visibility with high delivery rate SMS broadcasts, the most convenient and cost-effective messaging solution.

Frequent Communications

Keep your people informed with timely Updates, promotions, and reminders. 

Internal Communications

Leverage text messaging for internal communication, including "text-to-apply" campaigns, recruitment, shift reminders, and more.

Convenient Notifications

Simplify internal communication with SuperPhone's® broadcast messages for out-of-office notifications, weather updates, and meeting reminders.

1-to-1 Communications

Foster deep, personal relationships by interacting on a 1-to-1 basis with your audience, bolstering conversion to sales.

Enhanced Customer Service

Improve customer satisfaction with 1-to-1 communication, providing instant responses to direct service requests.

Powerful Direct-to-Consumer Marketing

Amplify user engagement with direct-to-consumer marketing, bringing your brand closer to your audience.

Revenue Boost

Reach out directly to consumers with fast, reliable SMS messaging to drive engagement and sales.

Filtering & Segmentation

Refine your audience using 52+ filters for precision targeting, including geo-targeting, product purchases, revenue, and custom tags.

Action-Based Tagging

Tailor your communication by categorizing your audience based on user actions like product purchases or link clicks.

Streamlined Inbound Management

Sort inbound requests and messages efficiently using diverse filters, ensuring relevance in every interaction.

Improved Messaging Accuracy

Enhance message precision with filtering and segmentation, delivering personalized, relevant information to customers.

IVR & Voice Capabilities

Use SuperPhone's dynamic voice system to make and receive personal calls or navigate preset voicemails.

Personalized Call Experiences

Create more satisfying interactions by personalizing calls with recorded voices and opt-in buttons.

Insightful Call Pattern Identification

Track voice traffic to identify patterns and gain strategic insights for higher ROI.

Versatile Communication Options

Cater to audience preferences with SuperPhone's diverse and customizable voice capabilities.

Powerful Automations

Boost productivity and profits with automated operations like scheduled texts and keyword-triggered responses.

Scheduled Messaging

Schedule recurring text messages for consistent communication with your audience.

Instant Automated Responses

Create instant automated responses for customer events like keyword replies, add to cart reminders, and product views.

Engaging Drip Campaigns

Keep your audience engaged with SuperPhone's staggered drip campaigns, spaced over days, weeks, or months.

Advanced Analytics

Analyze campaign successes and improvement areas with SuperPhone's advanced analytics for maximum impact and return.

Performance Overview

Stay updated on SuperPhone performance with a weekly email overview packed with actionable ROI-enhancing tips.

Detailed Subscriber Metrics

Measure crucial subscriber data points like timestamps, user history, activity feeds, and performance metrics.

Campaign Tracking

Monitor campaign performance effectively with SuperPhone's built-in analytics tools, understanding subscriber origins and content engagement levels.

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