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Filtering & Segmentation

Organize your contact book and make all your messages the most applicable to audience members to keep them in tune and engaged

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Set your inbox up for success

Filtering can be an extremely powerful tool when utilized properly. With SuperPhone, the organization of your subscriber base is paramount. Use any of our 52+ filters to target customers with precision to get the most out of your messaging campaigns.

  • Tag based on user actions like product purchases or link clicks
  • Sort inbound requests/messages
  • Organize clients based on money spent

Organize and optimize

Filtering and segmentation can help improve the accuracy of your messages, making sure customers receive information that is relevant to them, and them alone. For example, you can tag all of your contacts who have purchased one type of product and re-target them with similar products, or make sure they haven’t run out of their original product.

Drive revenue with personalized mobile messaging using SuperPhone

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