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Scale your intent by reducing response times. Automate your profits by setting scheduled text messages and keyword triggers, letting your phone do the work for you

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Let your phone work for you

Make use of SuperPhone’s first in class technology by customizing your automations to streamline your business and connect with customers in real time. Personalize your automations to improve productivity and streamline communications at scale. Set up keyword triggers to receive certain responses.

  • Schedule texts to go to customers at certain times (delays, interactions)
  • Reach-outs tailored to specific audience benchmarks
  • Keyword responses, geo-targeting, and more

Expedite your business through automations

Increase your text engagement and consumer visibility by sending messages at the perfect moments to convert to sales and build brand loyalty. For example, follow up on new purchases, nudge customers who abandoned a shopping cart, or send a happy birthday message with a discount code.

Drive revenue with personalized mobile messaging using SuperPhone

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