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Broadcast Messaging

With just a few easy clicks, message your entire audience a call to action, check-in or update.

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Using broadcasts to supercharge your engagement

Your contact book is your most valuable asset. Imagine being able to motivate and engage your entire subscriber base with just a few clicks - on SuperPhone, you can with 99% open rate on text messages. Be where your customers are to make sure they’re all seeing your most important messages.

  • Deliver SMS messages to your entire subscriber list
  • Broadcast to your entire list, a certain segment or based on location
  • Schedule broadcasts bi-weekly, monthly or yearly to keep your relationship with your audience warm

Broadcast to narrow focus

Through broadcast messaging, stronger relationships can be developed with your audience. The right frequency of communication can exponentially increase your brand’s visibility and ability to convert to sales.

Drive revenue with personalized mobile messaging using SuperPhone

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