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Trusted by over 1M stores, seamlessly integrate your e-commerce business and communicate with your customers via SMS marketing.


How Shopify can help

Automate your profits by integrating Shopify with your SuperPhone. Customers keep abandoning carts? Send them a text to urge them to finish the process and offer them free shipping to convert more sales.

  • Communicate with your e-commerce customers 1-1 or 1-many.
  • 98% open rate for text messages and an average CTR of 50%.
  • Automate flow to minimize shopper fall off and increase profits.

Why integrate Shopify?

Shopify, one of the most powerful e-commerce platforms on earth. SuperPhone, one of the most powerful SMS messaging platforms on earth. Let’s let them work together.

Get your number today

Setup your SuperPhone® today and start boosting your digital revenue through personalized mobile messaging.

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