Advanced Analytics

Dig deep with SuperPhone’s advanced analytics to see where you’ve succeeded and where you can improve to get the most out of your campaigns

The more you know - the better.

Our native form collects the data that matters the most - full name, email, phone number, plus any custom fields you want to capture. In addition, SuperPhone allows you the ability to measure all of the metrics that matter to your company the most - click through rates, growth, and conversion rates. Use this information to study past campaigns and help inform future campaigns to get the biggest return on your investment.

  • Capture all the most important data when new users text in with the SuperPhone form
  • Receive CTR’s, growth, conversion rates, and more after campaigns
  • Build a deeper connection with fans by using analytics to personalize the relationship

How analytics can help drive revenue

Text subscribers using their first name to make messages more personal. Send out discount codes on audience member’s birthdays to build brand loyalty and push to sale. Analyze past campaigns and double down on successes while cutting back on inefficiencies. With the right data, the power is in your hands, and we make sure you have all the data you need.

Drive revenue with personalized mobile messaging using SuperPhone