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Linkedin Lead Gen Forms

Connect LinkedIn Lead Gen with SuperPhone to import contact data from your advertisements and target leads via text.

Linkedin Lead Gen Forms

How LinkedIn can help

Use LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms for your business to attract potential prospects by nurturing them through job applications, blog posts, coupons, live events, and much more, all with the end goal of converting the prospects into customers.

Connect your LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms account with your SuperPhone. Someone has engaged with your blog post through your LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms? Send them a text letting them know the great offers they could receive. Give your potential customers that final push to becoming a customer.

Key features:
  • Trigger automated workflows to all leads coming from LinkedIn.
  • Create different flows for contacts who come from different forms.
  • Collect subscribers' answers to the form questions.
  • Create segments based on form answers to send highly personalized messages.

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