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Sync SuperPhone with your existing car dealership CRM and start engaging with your customers and leads via SMS marketing.


Automate and optimize your dealership by integrating DealerSocket

Automate and optimize your dealership by integrating dealerSocket with SuperPhone. Sync your current CRM with SuperPhone to not miss a beat and make use of SMS marketing to increase sales and develop stronger relationships with your clients. Client has a 3 year lease and its 3 months from maturation? Have SuperPhone automatically text them and ask if they’ve enjoyed the car. 3 months later, when they’re ready to renew, they’re coming to you. 

  • Check in with customers when leases are about to expire to make sure they get their next car with you.
  • Segment subscribers based on cars they’re interested in to send them the most applicable deals.
  • Develop strong relationships with clients to create lifelong relationships.

Why integrate with DealerSocket

Integrating with DealerSocket allows SuperPhone to easily take all information from your current CRM and optimize it for SMS marketing strategies. Keep your current clients engaged and stay top of mind while reaching new clients and growing revenue. 

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