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Connect Klayvio with SuperPhone to sync your email subscriber list and send targeted text campaigns.


How Klaviyo can help

Utilize Klaviyo as a solution to your marketing needs for your business. Klaviyo provides automation tools, through email and SMS marketing, so you don’t have to sift through the tedious work when running your business.

Maintaining a healthy subscriber list is essential for any business. With our Klaviyo integration, you can integrate your subscriber lists straight to your SuperPhone account. Sending out an automated email blast letting your customers know of a new product? Have SuperPhone send them a text letting them know to check their email, and a discount for doing so. Keep your customers aware and happy.

Key Features:
  • Collect SMS opt-ins from Klaviyo forms.
  • Filter and Segment customers in Klaviyo and add them to email lists.
  • Send email lists from Klaviyo to SuperPhone.
  • Add customers from Klaviyo email lists into SuperPhone SMS campaigns and automations.

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