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Facebook Lead Ads

Connect Facebook Ads with SuperPhone to import contact data from your advertisements and target leads via text.

Facebook Lead Ads

How Facebook can help

Set up Facebook Lead Ads for your business. Have advertisers collect information from prospects directly from mobile ads, and have your ad directly targeted to potential customers who may be interested in your product or service.

Integrate your Facebook Lead Ads account with your SuperPhone to engage with potential customers to your business’ fullest extent. A prospect has engaged with your FaceBook Ad? Send them a text letting them know they qualify for a discount code, and their first purchase with you will come with free shipping. Turn your prospects into customers by having SuperPhone act as that catalyst. Directly integrating with Facebook Lead Ads will allow you to maximize customer lifetime value by delivering highly relevant messages that are tailored just for new leads.

Key features:
  • Trigger automated workflows to all leads coming from Facebook.
  • Create different flows for contacts who come from different forms.
  • Collect subscribers' answers to the form questions.
  • Create segments based on form answers to send highly personalized messages.

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