How to Grow Your SuperPhone Community in 2022

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Kris Smith
December 15, 2021

Let’s be clear: Text Marketing is the future.

When it comes to text marketing, the most important thing is the platform you use to drive your community engagement and SuperPhone is that platform.

With 2022 approaching, it’s important to think about a strategy to grow your SuperPhone community. Growing your community is a science and lucky for you we have the formula.

Let people know that they can text you.

How can you expect to grow your SuperPhone community if people don’t know you have one? It’s not possible if people don’t know.

Be unapologetic about letting people know that they can text you to engage with you or build a better relationship with you.

Add it to your social media profiles

Let them know that your number is real and a direct connection to you.

Use screenshots or videos to show interactions with people on your list to let people know you are real and are having real conversations. You can use your SuperPhone community for your personal brand, business brand, company, community events, and more. 

Add your widgets to multiple places (i.e. website and email)

Social Media is a great way to have let people know they can text you but don’t leave out other vital internet real estate.

Your email list or your email address signature is another great way to let people know that they can text you. People read emails or look at signatures to see the best way to contact or communicate with you. Let them know this is another way to connect as well.

Communicate regularly with your list

Consistency is important with your text community and creating a strategy will make sure that you can communicate with them regularly.

Determine how often you will text your list. Is it once a week? Twice per week? Once you determine this schedule, let your subscribers know so they can look forward to your text. 

What time will you send messages to your list? This one gets a little tricky. You probably have people located all around the world or in different time zones. Nobody overseas wants to receive a message while they are sleeping. At the same time, nobody wants to receive a message so late at night either. Look at your segments and determine the best time to send messages and make this your standard time. If it’s 8PM EST for your US-based folks, then so be it. Creating this will be important for your analytics.

If you miss a message or haven’t texted them in a minute, trust me your list will let you know. They will want to know if you're good or ask if you still have their number. Just be honest if you’re missing in action and re-assure them that they will always be connected to you. 

Growing your list doesn’t get easier as you gain more subscribers but it’s important to set the right foundation for future growth.

Cheers to 2022 and your SuperPhone community growth!

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Kris Smith


SMS - Text Marketing Expert

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