Auditing Your SuperPhone Community

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Kris Smith
October 20, 2021

Having a community is so important to your brand or your business but every now and then, it might be time to audit your community. Auditing your SuperPhone account regularly can allow you to make sure people are still connected with you and to let go of those who might not have a need for updates about your community any longer. 

Here are 3 tips to auditing your SuperPhone community:

1). Pick a specific amount of time to audit your SuperPhone community

If you've just created a new account (by the way, welcome), consider auditing your account every quarter (i.e. 90 days) to understand the analytics for members of your community. When just implementing SuperPhone as a part of your brand or company strategy, it can take your community sometimes to adapt. So, be patient and do an audit every 90 days.

If you’ve had your SuperPhone community for a while, consider doing an audit every 30-60-90 days. Why does this work for older accounts? Because you already understand your growth in your community and you know more about the analytics of your community, which makes it easier to audit.

2). Create an Audit strategy for your SuperPhone community

For newer accounts, here is a basic strategy you can use to audit your account:

  1. Pick a specific week within your 90 days to perform your audit. Make sure to block this week off of your calendar as you will use each day within the week to audit your account.
  2. Create a calendar of what tasks to perform on your audit during this time. Maybe on Monday you might want to audit your contacts to make sure they are tagged properly or there are no duplicates. You can also visit your settings and Clean-Up Opt-Outs & Unreachables for your community that no longer needs to receive updates. Each day pick a task based on all features inside of your account. 
  3. Make a checklist to go with your calendar. After you set your calendar, make a checklist to go with it to make sure you don’t miss anything within your audit.
  4. Perform your audit. This is self-explanatory but after you get organized with your audit, it’s time to conduct it. 

3). Save your audit findings to a spreadsheet

Anytime I conduct an audit, I export my findings or my data (from SuperPhone) to Google Sheets so I can see the growth, trends, and analytics on my account based on the time I conduct an audit.

This can show you where there are opportunities for promoting your community to your online audience and where trends are for growth (and what they want to hear from you).

Data Analytics is truly important in business or with your brand but SuperPhone allows you to export your analytics so that you can understand your account & growth over the lifecycle of your account.

Creating a community in SuperPhone is important but it’s even more important to make sure you audit it properly so the right people are always connected to you.

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Kris Smith


SMS - Text Marketing Expert

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