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Blog Post
Text Message Carrier Guidelines
Published by SuperPhone
on June 17, 2021


When sending out messages it is important to be aware of the legal guidelines placed by the carriers as any message that violates these will be flagged/blocked by our carrier delivery provider, Twilio. While these guidelines are meant to protect customers from receiving unwanted spam and illegal messages, certain businesses may find themselves on the outside looking in due to their nature of their business.

Below, you will find a chart that shows exactly which messages are considered forbidden and which messages are acceptable if following specific guidelines. These guidelines apply to all messages sent via long code, toll-free, and short short code numbers in the United States and Canada. SuperPhone will not reimburse for any flagged/not delivered messages due to invalid phone numbers or failure to follow our SMS guidelines. This applies not only to SMS messages, but also to all MMS messages as well.

In addition, any use cases that violate Twilio’s Acceptable Use Policy or Messaging Policy are also not allowed, regardless of number/sender type or destination country. Any accounts that violate the terms will be flagged and are subject to immediate suspension without notice.