The Art of the Form

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Kris Smith
November 18, 2021

The buzz word of 2019, 2020, and 2021 has been “community”. Some call their community their “tribe”. Others create their own name for their online community. The point is: folks make sure to communicate and connect with their community.

When it comes to welcoming, engaging, and connecting with your community in SuperPhone®, it’s important to have the correct forms for them to complete so you can learn more about them yet there is an art to creating the best form.

Forms are important when it comes to SuperPhone because they are the entry point in learning more about your SMS/Text Community. So, you want to make sure that you create your form based on the following formula:

Determine the goal of your Form

Knowing the end result of your goal can make sure that you are creating the right form.

There are many other goals you could consider but these are examples just to show you how important this information is when it comes to your form.

Creating the right tags

Tags are an important part of forms inside of SuperPhone. Tags allow you to understand where your SMS/Text community comes from. So, you want to make sure you create the right tags for your subscribers.

The first tag you should create is your inbound tag for incoming contacts. Make this your default tag as you can segment or select specific recipients when it comes time for updates, automations, and more.

You can learn more about tags from this amazing support article by the SuperPhone team here.

Select the right fields to include on your form

Inside of SuperPhone, there are 2 areas to add tags: Optional Fields and Custom Fields. Within the fields area, you can add specific tags to learn more about your subscriber or to understand their journey of where they came from when it comes to your list.

The fields you always want to include on your form are:



Social Media platforms


Custom fields allow you to ask specific questions or receive specific information for your community. You could be creative as you like but it’s important to make sure you provide fields that relate to your brand.

Create the right form submission messages

When your community completes your form, you want to create a message that will make them feel welcome. It is their first interaction with you so you want the message to be memorable.

The form submission message should thank subscribers for joining, let them know how often you will communicate with them, and carrier information.

Here’s an example of the message I send when I add people to certain segments of my list:

As we go into 2022, “community” will still be a buzz word but you want to make sure you are building your community the right way by creating the right form.

Having the right form setup properly will make it easier on your subscribers.

You can learn more about setting up your default form here.

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Kris Smith


SMS - Text Marketing Expert

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